Monday, September 27, 2010

Walter Edlington & Marques Prata feat. 40eyez - Get Crunk (B-Danzin! Rmx) + (Original Mix)

Edlington:One of my latest co-ops with local Dj heroes, here with Marques Prata from Hagen/Dortmund/Germany, this time a young and very talented vocalist involved 40 Eyez, we just have finished this project and have some remixes and mixes put together to a 8-mixes set, included 3 versions of Marques himself, 3 Edlington mixes and one by newcomer Alvin Kyer plus instrumental. Now we are looking for a cool Label for it.......Seems to me very good techhouse, even I'am not in these sort of music, but good reason for all of us to follow on:

walter 'e' & marques 'p' feat.40eyez-get crunk-B-danzin! Rmx by edlington

Very intense oldschool house track.....had this one produced two years ago and not finished.....because it needed
a vocal hook over it....and this happened this summer when I let the track hear my friends
marques and 40 eyez......they liked it very much and we started to think about some cool
vocals for the track ....and found it after a couple of this was our basic track
for the actual set of 8 mixes......the whole set will be released soon on big mamas house records.....
planned is a remix edition with remixes of elektrocker.....alfonso padilla......astrus......but not fixed yet.....

walter 'e' & marques prata feat.40 eyez - get crunk - original mix by edlington

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