Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dj Charlie Spot

Very interesting guy Charlie Spot aka Helder Ferreira, Portugal, Algarve, where he grew up and lives. Currently you can see him at work in places like : "Kiss Club", "Mitto Bar", "Capicua Club", "Impactus Bar", "Amnésia Bar", "Buhba Bar", "Treze Bar", "Chilli Bar", "Sobydesce Bar", "Thai Beach Club", "Mexicano Bar", "Sétima Onda" amongs others.
As evolution is his trade mark, he is now dedicating some time to music production, signing a contract with “Soul Shift Music”.
Having his debut Album released on August 2010, including some tracks as : “ DEEP TOUCH" "DEEP FEELING" "SOMETHING" & "GOD'S LOVE", he is now involved on other big projects witch will most definitely shake dance floors all over the world. Follow on: Dj Charlie Spot

Dream City - One Love (Dj Charlie Spot Latin Tribal Remix)

Juliet - Avalon (Charlie Spot 2010 Remix)

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