Monday, February 28, 2011

Oriol Farre & Robbie Moroder feat M Soul - The Music (Xavi Alfaro Remix)

Xavi Alfaro, Barcelona, Spain. The music is nothing more than a feeling, something that flows within you. If you are truly able to appreciate what that'll bring you a better person because you've known happiness. Go to the middle of the floor, close your eyes, raise your arms, and just ... enjoy. The energy release can be brutal. At that time it creates a heat that burns you inside, and I assure you there's no stopping it. In my sessions just mean to convey that vibration, so get ready, clear your head and open your mind, because all I have to offer sensations of quality. Thousand sensations in each session, one thousand beats of forcefulness and passion for music. It is time, and I am willing ... the music play!. Also: Facebook and You Tube


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