Friday, April 8, 2011

Aretha Franklin Vs Dinka - Pride, A Deeper Love 2011 (DJC ATL Bootleg Mash-Up)

DJC ATL, Craig Taylor, Atlanta, United States. Young spirited, clean-cut, well groomed open-minded guy who's hard to impress, but enjoys the simple things in life and enjoys them. I who was born way before my time. I like whats here today and gone tomorrow. Technology, Inventions, I'm fascinated by the Future and what great inventions it holds. I cant wait to see what tomorrows generation compliments on todays inventions! Can technology get any better? Yes it can! But how? I cant even imagine! Aretha Franklin's "Pride, A Deeper Love" gets A Rework from DJC ATL just in time for Summer Pride 2011.


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