Thursday, April 7, 2011

Charlie Spott - Trip To Croatia - Promo Set - Free Download

Helder Ferreira, a.k.a. Charlie Spot, was born on October 2nd 1984, on Madeira Island. At a young age his family moved to Albufeira, Algarve where he grew up and currently lives. Throughout his life he has been an avid lover of nightlife, the club scene and large scale dance and concert events. This love of club music and big events raised a growing interest in the world of DJing. This constant exposure to club music helped him develop a “good ear” for music and lit the flame to develop the skills necessary to fulfill his dream of one day becoming a professional DJ/producer. And, only I can say that he is great, and already had some post's about him, of course I'am a Croatian, and supporting this Tribal House Mix. Follow him on: Sound Cloud and Discogos. Download link is on the right side of a player.

Trip To Croatia - Promo Set - Free Download by CHARLIE SPOT

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