Monday, February 20, 2012

Murilo Rocha Vs Sanna Hartfield - Ghost (Club mix)

Last year I heard a lot of beautiful voice snippets by the UK singer Sanna Hartfield, and since I was looking forward to remix one of her beautiful vocals. This song particularly caught my attention because the song title and the lyrics are very similar to a song that I was writing, that was going to be called "I Fell In Love With A Ghost". The "Ghost" vocal got me completely mesmerized, and I decided to adjust my instrumental to receive Ms. Hartfield hot vocal. And there is the result, a very happy, club-vibe song, I hope you all like it. It was very fun to do this song, and I played the instrumental in a club in my hometown, and the crowd was jumping like crazy! It is NOT going to be released in beatport or any other comercial website, for I DO NOT own the vocals for this song.

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