Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Future Music Festival 2012 Promo Mix

In 2005, the sounds of electro was starting to rise and Johnny Concept decided to buy a cheap pair of decks to become a DJ. Influences such as Dirty South and TV Rock and also the un commercial phazes of David Guetta’s music led the (at the time 18 year old to see what it can bring to the near future. Now at the age of 25, Johnny Concept is now excelling in his DJ sets and also producing music, which dancefloors rock out to. Playing at festivals in the local areas such as Stereosonic 2010, 2011 and Planet Cream 2011. This guy has now got 6 years experience ahead of him. Over the past 2 years, Concept has been working hard in his home studio by trying to make Big Room, Electro, House and Progressive beats to satisfy music listeners not just in Australia but all over the world, getting numerous positive feedback. His goal is to rock main stages in dance festivals to play in front of 40 thousand people and one day play in Ibiza and see the world. Johnny also hosts, SHOWCASE on Fresh 92.7 in Adelaide and also UPFRONT on, where he plays some of the biggest tunes around the world and also Showcases local talent in Adelaide. Leading into 2012, there will be more stories to fill in this bio so watch this space……

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