Monday, February 18, 2013

Full Intention Vs Prok And Fitch, M. Vale - America Symphony (Mazai Classic Live Mash Up)

Popular Moscow duo of two reputable DJs Mazai and Fomin! The project was founded in 2011! And for a short time, the duo work was supported by many leading artists: Gareth Emery, Jerome Isma-Ae, Lewis Dene, Andy Norman, Stonebridge, Damien J. Carter, David Vendetta, Stereo Palma, Jesse Voorn, Baramuda, Peter Brown, David Tort, Dom Kane, Flash Brothers, Agent Greg, Jlouis, Micah The Violinist, Cicada, and so on. Mazai & Fomin well known for their remixes for European stars, Alexandra Prince, Corey Andrew, WAWA, Peter Brown, Liz Mugler, Micah The Violinist, DJ Jeroenski, Edgar Aguirre, DJ Neil, and so on. Mazai: Maxim, the dj & promoter (XIII, Jet Set, Saxar, Gorod, Chapurinbar, Picasso, Pacha Moscow etc.), musician (releases on labels Pacha, Housepital, Catch 22, Oxyd, DanceMania), host their own booking Agency (Parallelbooking) and record label (Connection Digital Recordings). Maxim is also party to all major events in the fashion world of organized cult personality Artem Injustice, and shows fashion houses: Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, Versace, DKNY, Mark Jacobs, Chistova & Endourova, Kuralai and so on. Fomin: Dmitry Fomin - outstanding representative of Moscow's first wave of professional DJing for many years to keep abreast of current trends of electronic music and the latest technology fidelity. Fomin - Dj, music background which was built for generations. His grandfather, B. Fomin - author of acclaimed Russian romance "Long Road", "Only once in my life is meeting", "Sasha", and his father - a well-known sound engineer who worked at Ostankino. Fomin has worked in the capital's renowned clubs such as:"Chance", "Utopia", "City", "Mirage", "Herzen", "Virus", "Neo», «Up & Down», «Sexton», «Shambala" "City", "garage", played on raves "Red Arrow", "Star Disco 97», «Non-Stop», «Sun Open Air», «100 KW", "Bike Show" and toured a lot. For many years you can hear the guys at the brand Moscow party Shine (, where they represent their best tracks and remixes, + new exclusive dance tracks from best world djs! Mazai & Fomin truly explode all dancefloor, making an unforgettable mix show, playing with two controllers and use fx's and samples! YOU NEED TO HEAR IT..... Free downloads only for one week!

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