Friday, February 8, 2013

Lori Michaels - Rebound (Jay Soulix 2013 Rework)

Nigel Hitchman London, Britain (UK) OK - I think it's about time I write something here, as I've been on Soundcloud since August 2010 and some of my tracks are getting pretty popular! Thanks for all the support and the great feedback - sorry I don't respond to it all, but it's very much appreciated. First of all, I'm a professional Musician living in London E10, performing as a pianist, and running a very busy school Music Department. I trained at Merton College Oxford, King's College London and The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where I was a repetiteur/rehearsal pianist in the Opera School. My spare time is taken up with producing and mixing electronic music. I started playing and collecting tracks in 1999 (and currently have 86,000 tracks in iTunes!) and have had residencies at clubs in East London, such as the Fallen Angel. Nowadays, I create Big-Room/Main-Room DJ Sets (Don't Panic! DJ Sets) that are Electro-Progressive in style but with an uplifting vibe. My sets use many exclusive edits, bootlegs and mashups that I have created using Abelton Live with up to 4 tracks (plus FX) at anyone time. The main thing I'm aiming for is some dance-floor excitement, a hard-edged uplifting vibe and creating something amazing and beautiful (without being too cheesy!). I don't confine myself to any one genre too much, so you might find Disco, Soul, Pop, Commercial, Underground, Funky, Electro, Tribal, and Progressive tracks in my sets, but my approach is to use my ears to find the records I like (listening out for great sounds and great production) and then place them in the right context in a set so that they make the maximum impact. I like records that stay fresh by managing to update Classics with new production values, so that the crowd perhaps knows the record, but have never heard that particular version before. I listen to all new releases myself, so I'm not a follower of other people's hype, and I love finding really well produced Instrumentals that I can customize by adding on a cheeky little acapella. These make my Sets unique and I've offered these for free download on Soundcloud. In the past year, I've released 100+ edits, mashups and bootlegs like this - thanks for all the great comments and support. I'm not restricting the downloading of these yet as I did not have all the blood, sweat and tears of creating the originals, all I did was to mashup the instrumentals with an acapella. Some of these though have proved very popular such as my remix of Amy Winehouse's Rehab, which was featured in the Guardian Online Music Review.

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