Sunday, December 4, 2011

Porter Robinson - Unison - Official Orange Soda Remix

Orange Soda, Dejo Zoric, Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Orange Soda is a 13 year old producer/ DJ from Bihac, a small town in Bosnia i Herzegovina in Europe!.Over one thousand followers on Twitter,and one thousand four hundred followers on Soundcloud, he's only getting bigger by the day! Orange Soda started to learn how to play piano at age 6 in a group lesson with about 15 other kids. He quit after about 3 years, after feeling he didn't get enough attention as an artist, and is better than a whole class of little kids, he was a star. Alone. Not in a group, but alone. He had an ear for music, and music kept on staying with him. He was motivated to start again at age 12. It was made clear by his parents that this was his last chance at music, and that they weren't going to spend anymore money on his musical talents if he didn't feel like doing it. And then again, after a delightful year of piano, he let go again. His second chance blown. But he knew music was always with him, and that music was controlling everything about him. He didn't get music out of his ears for even 5 minutes. He listened to music when he woke up, drove to school, break time, lunch time, anytime. And it was just one of those things that you couldn't control. He listened to everything that was going around him, and can so many people make music but I cant ! He knew he was better than what he was showing, and knew he could delight many people if he started to make things HE listens to. He had his own style. Starting with GarageBand , Virtual DJ, and eventually making his way up to FL Studio and now, Ableton 8 and Traktor Scratch Pro. He started off to make house, and worked to progressive house, to Drum and Bass, to Dubstep, and has learned to appreciate all different types of genres of music. He has his own way of doing things, and isn't a follower to what other people do. Not at all. He's a leader. He changed the way people look at music, and puts everything into it!
Proud to post this !

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